Please be assured to pay us. Anything that discourages you about the product, we will refund 100% of your goods immediately (does not apply to software products, repair documents or you ignore it. goods) - It's our Commitment

- All products sold are 100% genuine and brand new.

- Our customers will have reasonable and competitive prices.
Accurate and fast delivery from famous shipping services (DHL, Fedex and TNT).

- Aftersales service assists you throughout the life of the product, advising the Customer (24h / day and 7 days / week) to remotely handle basic errors and warnings displayed on your screen.

- Always with you, support and advice on maintenance and operation of machines to achieve the highest efficiency and productivity.

We believe that because when you are using genuine equipment, we recommend customers to buy genuine parts to replace broken or worn parts.
If there is any problem that makes you unhappy. Please email us feedback info@doosangenuine.com.
Thank you very much


We accept payment via Paypal. If you do not have the above accounts, you can pay via Visa or Master Card.

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Construction Equipment and Machines

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